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Visual decision-making tools in SuitePro-G

SuitePro-G, your pragmatic, collaborative and connected project management software!​

SuitePro-G is a comprehensive and user-friendly project portfolio management (PPM) solution that allows you to manage your projects and portfolios.

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called ''PPM''

complete & connected

Prices contact us...

Intended for medium and large

organizations wishing to manage there

projects in a pragmatic way and

professionalize their cross-functional governance

projects (PMO).

Several 'Plans' available depending on your needs:

- Pure : Less than 10 key users + 25 contributors

- Project : Between 11 and 25 key users + 75 contributors

- Player : Between 26 and 75 key users + 100 contributors

- Open : up to 500 key and/or connected users




per user/month

€259 per user/year

€1159 for 5 users/year

Intended for companies wishing to

connect their project management in

Microsoft 365 and to operate a time management system 'in' and 'outside' projects.

Basic Offer


Connect to Outlook, Microsoft Teams and Power BI

Bulk export and import of projects and users

Manage off-project activities, work methods and make timesheets

Use Dashboards: Provisional workload plan and tracking of time spent




€129 per user/year

€579 for 5 users/year

Intended for small agile organizations, SMEs that wish to manage projects and have a global approach to the project portfolio.

Freemium Offer


Unlimited number of projects and users

Manage Programs and different types of projects

Manage a roadmap (multi-project Gantt)

Add and use specific forms (Charters, Scoring,…)

PlugIn "Microsoft 365 Connectors"

+ €499

Move your project management to:

- Outlook , to structure the work

- Teams , to keep a team in phase and organized

- Power BI , to standardize dashboards

PlugIn "Tracking and time management"

+ €499

- Manage non-project activities, working methods

- Make timesheets

- Use Dashboards

- Provisional load plan

- Time tracking

Monitor risks and pending points (RIDA method)

PlugIns available and valid throughout the license.



Intended for freelancers, associations, students, VSEs, craftsmen, etc. looking for a free, pragmatic, intuitive solution to manage projects.

Limited to 3 projects and 5 users

Create an Identity Card and a Project Charter

Define project content in Mind-Map mode

Plan and track deadlines (Gantt)

Make the Project Weather

Why choose SuitePro-G ?

Discover SuitePro-G

Initiating a project in SuitePro-G
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Plan your project with SuitePro-G
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Manage your project with SuitePro-G
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