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SuitePro-G, your pragmatic, collaborative and connected project management software!​

SuitePro-G is a comprehensive and user-friendly project portfolio management (PPM) solution that allows you to manage your projects and portfolios.

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The Premium version, called ''PPM'' for project portfolio management is designed for PMOs!

 Align strategy with execution :

Unlimited number of projects and users

All the features for managing a project portfolio are available

Connectors included


The Freemium version, called ''simplistic'', free and intuitive.

Manage your projects effortlessly :

Limited to 3 projects 

Limited to 10 users

Simplified features

Connectors included

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Paid version (features are in addition to those in the free version)

initiate projects in SuitePro-G
Project planning in SuitePro-G Preemium
Monitor project progress in SuitePro-G Preemium
Programs and portfolios management in SuitePro-G
create specific dashboards in SuitePro-G
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Project management methodologies - agile, waterfall, lean
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Free version

Assistance in SuitePro-G Freemium
Software in Saas mode
initiate projects in SuitePro-G Freemium
Share and update projects from Microsoft Teams
Monitor project progress in SuitePro-G Freemium
Plan projects in SuitePro-G Freemium
Manage programs and portfolios in SuitePro-G Freemium
Manage resources and budget in SuitePro-G Freemium
Generate reports in SuitePro-G Freemium

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Resources and budget managment in SuitePro-G

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Initiating a project in SuitePro-G
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Plan your project with SuitePro-G
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Manage your project with SuitePro-G
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