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SuitePro-G turnkey

Project Management Reinvented for Your Industry

Explore SuitePro-G’s Turnkey Offering:

The Customized, Ready-to-Use Project Management Solution.

Turnkey version of SuitePro-G

Why Opt for SuitePro-G Turnkey?

Adaptability Sectoral SuitePro-G

Our solutions are pre-configured to perfectly fit your industry.

Adaptability Sectoral

Ready to work suitepro-g

Start your projects without delay.

Ready to work

Performance Economic suitepro-g

Gain a solution that combines cost-efficiency and performance, without compromising on quality.

Performance Economic

Our solutions Specialized

CIO  SuitePro-G

SuitePro-G for DSI is optimized to meet the specific requirements of IT management, combining security and agility.


Optimize the management of your build activities and ensure seamless integration with run activities. Our solution offers business owners a global vision of projects, enhanced by strategic decision-making tools. Control the forecast workload and time spent by the IT department, guaranteeing efficient project management and optimal resource allocation.


 design offices SuitePro-G

Maximize the productivity and collaboration of your design office or service company.


Take complete control of your studies and projects with our solution. Efficiently manage the workload and time invested by your teams, while benefiting from advanced tools for precise tracking of expenses and revenues. You can also interface your projects with your business management applications.

Design offices

Territorial Communities SuitePro-G

Master the list of projects in a multi-year investment plan, a municipal program or administration projects.


Maximize the strategic impact of the Public Procurement Department on your projects. Our approach reinforces the essential framing and planning skills within the departments, while stimulating cross-functional collaboration at the heart of your organization and facilitating the integration of external players, for project management that is both more coherent and more inclusive.

Territorial Communities

PMO SuitePro-G

Optimize the management of your projects, whether they concern organization, performance improvement, transformation programs or cross-functional PMO management.


Increase the maturity of your organizational projects. Equipped with advanced tools, our solution strengthens the decision-making capacity of your governance bodies, fosters the commitment of the various businesses to the transformation process, and seamlessly integrates your projects into your collaborative space, including Teams, for optimum synergy.


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